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Creating a new shopify app

Introduction For the last 4 months, I’ve been building a Shopify app. The app, called autobuzz, helps merchants schedule their product images to social media. The goal of the app is to make the lives of solo entrepreneurs easier. Designed specifically for Shopify merchants, autobuzz streamlines the process of scheduling Instagram posts directly from your […]

How to debug your shopify application

Debugging your application is an existential step while building your app. You could also console.log every two lines but debugging an application will make your development process a lot easier. In this quick guide I want to show you how you can debug your shopify application by editing to files: First you need to create […]

How to integrate StorybookJS into your StencilJS Project | L4 Webdesign

Web Components are a great way to build a reusable design System that you can use on multiple templates. If you're interested in WordPress-theme-development, Shopify-Theme-Development or the development of any other template then you should consider taking a look at web components. StencilJS is a great framework for developing web components. Unfortunately it can be […]

5 great resources for Shopify app developers

In this article I want to share some resources that helped me develop a better understanding for developing apps or respectively building a micro Saas. 5. Shopify Github Projects When I started out with my first app I just started coding right away without really thinking about best practices. I didn't know how Polaris is […]

How to create a shopify app in 2022

How to create a shopify app in 2022 Shopify made in incredibly easy for you to create a shopify app in 2022. All you have to do is update your shopify cli and run the latest version. You can checkout you shopify CLI version by typing in shopify version in your terminal. If you run […]

How to deploy a Laravel app to Heroku in 10 steps

You’ve made it! You successfully created your shopify app. Now it’s time to deploy it! I want to write a step by step guide about laravel app deployment. We will deploy an app to heroku which is completely free. there are some prerequisits for you to follow along: You have created a free heroku account […]

Making REST API calls to shopify store

Sometimes you may want to make REST API Calls to your Shopify Store. For example you may want to check the installed theme of your store and check if it supports app blocks. The easiest way to do this is by going to your store and make the REST call right in your browser. Let’s […]